XL426 Streams Brake Parachute for First Time in 15 Years!

Written by: Richard Clarkson

The spectacular sight of Vulcan XL426 streaming her brake parachute was the highlight of the Vulcan Restoration Trust's Summer Taxi-Run Event on Saturday 26 June.

XL426 performed four taxi-runs during the event and the 'chute was streamed on the final run.

The brake parachute was often used by the Vulcan during its RAF service when landing on short runways to save wear and tear on the aircraft's brakes.

Aircrew for the day were Bill Burnett and Kev Rumens (pilots) and Jonathan Lazzari (Air Electronics Officer). Also on board for the third and fourth taxi-runs was Sheila Kirby-Morris who won a ride on XL426 as first prize in the Vulcan Restoration Trust's 2019 Prize Draw.

It was the first time XL426 had streamed a brake parachute since a taxi-run at Southend on 12 August 2006. Bill Burnett was also pilot on that day, accompanied by Iron Maiden singer and airline pilot, Bruce Dickinson.

The Trust would like to express its thanks to London Southend Airport Air Traffic Control and the airport's fire service for all their supprkt before and during the event, plus 1476 (Rayleigh) - RAF Air Cadets for their help in marshalling the car parks.

To see photograph of the taxi-runs, please go to https://avrovulcan.com/gallery/taxi-run-26-june-2021.


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