Visit the Vulcan days in 2016

Written by: Sam Draper

We held our usual four Visit the Vulcan days during the year and were delighted with the attendance by Members and the public. The stand sold a good quantity of stock on each occasion so we were pleased to see our income from these events buoyant.

Rather than add lots of photos here you will find a good selection on our Facebook page but there is one from the September day reproduced here.

Very sadly, the Lancaster café had permanently closed by that occasion.  However, because of their departure, we took the opportunity of rearranging our fence line so we could enlarge the grass area for the tent containing the stock and also provide some seating for snacks which were also being sold at the tent by Matt Isaac. We had a lot of pleasing comments about the arrangement so, if we are able, we shall do something similar in 2017.

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